The Fun Day consists of the following classes:

J 25
J 45
J 60
J 80
J 95
J 105
D1 – PREPARATORY E (2015) 60m x 20m arena
(click here to download PREP E dressage test)
D2 – PRELIMINARY 1B (2019)
(click here to download PRELIM 1B dressage test)
D3 – NOVICE 2A (2019) – must be correctly bitted.
(click here to download NOV 2A dressage test)
D4 – Choose your own test – must be correctly bitted.
(click here to find test details from Equestrian Australia)
Each Class Entered is $25+ $7.00 ground levy for horses entering Shibumi (electronic funds transfer preferred)

Further details on Dressage Tests, diagrams, caller sheets etc can be found here.