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Kids Holiday Camps

Kids Holiday Camps

There will be regular school holiday camps run here at Shibumi Equestrian Centre. The aim of our camp is to build a grounding that will allow the rider to expand their current riding and horse management education. The camp will offer a formal lesson and trail ride/fun ride daily. The balance of the time the students will be educated in horse management which will include feeding, grooming and tacking, veterinary and lunging, with the emphasis on safety and correct handling of horses. A horse or pony will be allocated to a pair of students for the duration of you camp stay. During which the horse/pony will be yours and your partners sole responsibility, this will include feeding, grooming, tacking, exercising and other general horse management.


Contact Us to register your interest or reserve a spot in the upcoming camp for your child.


2017 Upcoming Events

Oct 2014 Fun Day (15)

2018 Shibumi Fun Days
Dressage & Showjumping
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Fun Day 2 – 25th February … closing date 8th February
Fun Day 3 – 22nd April … closing date 5th April
Fun Day 4 – 17th June … closing date 31st May
Fun Day 5 – 12th August … closing date 26th July
Fun Day 6 – 23rd September … closing date 6th September
Fun Day 7 – 4th or 11th November TBC …. closing date 18 th or 25 th October

Kids Holiday Camp
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Please Contact Us for more information, call Sheryl on 0410 536 755

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