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We have lots of fun events and activities going on at Shibumi Equestrian Centre at various times of the year.

Information on all the events offered and supported by Shibumi Equestrian Centre can be found below and on special event pages throughout this website, just follow the links to find out about your favorite equestrian sporting events.

We offer the following events:

Shibumi Fun Day: Everyone is welcome to enjoy this great day of dressage and showjumping at our beautiful property. The Shibumi Fun Day is a great day for spectators and riders of all ages and and abilities.
Visit the Shibumi Fun Day page on our website.

School holiday camps: Our school holiday camp program is a great opportunity for your children to meet other children who love to ride and learn about horses. We offer both practical and theory lessons over a 2 day period. Children are welcome to bring their own horse/pony or use one of our fantastic school ponies.
Visit the Shibumi Kids Holiday Camp page on our website

Winter Classic: Our Winter Classic Series is a 3 part series Combined Driving Event (CDE) held over 3 months. This fast paced and exciting carriage driving sport is a must see for all. Spectators are welcome and new drivers and grooms are always encouraged to ‘have-a-go’ and be part of this exciting and friendly sport.
Visit the Shibumi Winter Classic page on our Website

2017 Upcoming Events

Oct 2014 Fun Day (15)

2018 Shibumi Fun Days
Dressage & Showjumping
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Fun Day 2 – 25th February … closing date 8th February
Fun Day 3 – 22nd April … closing date 5th April
Fun Day 4 – 17th June … closing date 31st May
Fun Day 5 – 12th August … closing date 26th July
Fun Day 6 – 23rd September … closing date 6th September
Fun Day 7 – 4th or 11th November TBC …. closing date 18 th or 25 th October

Kids Holiday Camp
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