We host exciting clinics on various topics from Equine dentistry, feeding, nutrition, basic levels of dressage training, bio mechanics, worming, strategic diseases and a few other surprises.

Some of our past Clinics:

· Monday 11th July – Dentistry (See here for Flyer)
· Monday 6th August – Raph Kennedy – Equine Biomechanics (See here for Flyer)
· Sunday 28th August – Prydes Easi Feeds – Feeding and Nutrition (See here for Flyer)
· Saturday 1st October – Basic levels of Dressage training with Janice Usherwood
· Saturday 5th November – Preventative Health – Zoetis & Ceva & Faecal Egg Count (See here for Flyer)
· Saturday 26th November  – Kelato Animal Health (See here for Flyer)
· Saturday & Sunday 3rd and 4th January 2017 – Will Rogers Performance Horses Clinic (See here for Flyer)


Pictures from our Kelato Animal Health Clinic

Pictures from our Zoetis Preventative Health Clinic

Pictures from our Dentistry Clinic
IMG_3224 IMG_3226 IMG_3227

Pictures from our Biomechanics Clinic

Pictures from our Prydes Feed & Nutrition Clinic

Pictures from our Dressage Clinic
Janice-clinic-Oct-'16-(3) Janice-clinic-Oct-'16-(13) Janice-clinic-Oct-'16-(14)