• We offer professional management and international facilities as part of our agistment and spelling.
  • All rugging will be according to the weather and clients specific requests
  • All hard feeds are tailored to clients personal requirements and fed 2 x a day

Agistment Options

  • Stables and private paddocks – hard feed and rugging 2 x a day
  • Stables and shared paddocks – – hard feed and rugging 2 x a day
  • Private paddock – hard feed and rugging 2 x a day
  • Shared paddock – hard feed and rugging 2 x a day
  • Private paddock – owners to feed hay and hard feed & rugging 2 x per day
  • Shared paddock – owner to feed hay and hard feed & rugging 2 x per day
  • Retiree paddock – no feed and no rugging
  • We have lots of other options in various paddocks – each can be tailored to your specific needs … and be individually discussed

Please call for a quote on all agistment and spelling as we are happy to personalize to your requirements

Additional Costs

Please note that in winter and when in drought situations or paddocks are low, all horses must be fed additional hay at least 2 x per day or 2 substantial bales supplied by owners weekly.


We offer a special rate of $27.50 per week for rugging and $27.50 per week for feeding (owners prepare and provide individual feeds) or $5 per feed and $5 per rugging

Additional Agistment Services


Overnight stable 

  • stable
  • bedding
  • Shibumi to clean
$55per night
 Overnight Private Paddock – single horse 

  • For owners to feed and care for their own horse
 $35per night
 Overnight Private Paddock – two horses 

  • For owners to feed and care for their own horses – generally maximum 2 horses per paddock.  Horses to be from the same family.  Additional horses may be considered following discussion
 $55per night for 2 horses

$11per night per additional horse


  • power site usage
 $35per night
 24/7 Stabled (injury recovery) 

  • Rugs,
  • Hard feed or hay,
  • Stable cleaned out twice daily
  • (Excludes injury treatment)
 price on request


  • The above prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • All prices are inclusive of GST

Please contact us to discuss your personalized agistment and spelling requirements at Shibumi Equestrian Centre