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Agistment & Spelling

We offer professional management and international facilities as part of our agistment and spelling.

We are proud of our pasture management, our pastures are healthy with low worm burdens. This is maintained through strategically timed rotation, and regular harrowing, worming and resting of paddocks. Worm counts are carried out twice a year.

  • All horses are checked twice daily
  • Individual feeding programme per horse – 2 hard feeds per day
  • Prices for agistment varies at our discretion depending on size of pony/horse and feed/care required
  • Paddocks have automatic water troughs which are cleaned regularly
  • Use of all facilities,– however booked lessons take preference
  • Onsite training with resident experienced riders available
  • Client rest areas – including club house – tea and coffee facilities and toilet
  • Fees are paid monthly in advance
  • 7 day access
  • Opening hours 7am – 7pm – unless previously arranged
  • Agistees will be required to sign an agistment agreement when first bringing their horses to Shibumi

Additional services available to agisters

  • All horses are on a regular worming program
  • Farrier attends on a weekly basis
  • Chiropractor/ bio mechanics physio in regular attendance by appointment
  • Veterinary calls out on request 24hours
  • Horse dentist on call by appointment
  • Supplements provided by owners
  • Lessons available on request (please enquire) – dressage, show jumping cross country – beginners to the more advanced

Gold Level  – stables and paddock

  • 2 hard feed per day
  • Hay in stable at night
  • Rugging as per weather and clients request
  • Includes Bedding
Shared paddock – max 2 horses $220  – $240 per week
Private paddock $240 – $260 per week

Silver level  – Paddock

  • 2 hard feed per day
  • Rugging as per weather and clients request
Shared paddock – max 2 horses $170 – $190 per week
Private paddock $190 – $210 per week

Bronze Level  – Self-service paddock

  • Horses must be fed twice daily by client – hard feed or hay
  • Rugging by client
  • Rugging and feeding can be arranged at our special rate – see option
 Private Paddock  $90 – $110 per week

Retiree Paddock

  • Retiree shared paddock (no feed or rugging)
  • Rugging can be arranged at our special rate – see option
 Shared paddock  $88 per week

Option  – We offer a special rate of $27.50 per week for rugging and $27.50 per week for feeding (owners prepare and provide individual feeds) or $5 per feed and $5 per rugging.

Additional Agistment Services

 Winter & Drought additional feeds
  • 2 biscuits per day
  • 3 biscuits per day
$45 per week
$55 per week
Overnight stable

  • stable
  • bedding
  • Shibumi to clean
$55per night
 Overnight Private Paddock

  • For owners To feed and care for their own horse
 $35per night

  • power site usage
 $35per night
 24/7 Stabled (injury recovery)

  • Rugs,
  • Hard feed or hay,
  • Stable cleaned out twice daily
  • (Excludes injury treatment)
 $330per week


  • The above prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • All prices are inclusive of GST

Please contact us to discuss your personalized agistment and spelling requirements at Shibumi Equestrian Centre

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